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How to Meet and Attract Quality Men!" 



THE best book on dating and feeling great about yourself!

I absolutely loved this book. It's helpful for dating advice, but even more than that it's incredibly helpful for healing the bad feelings and discouragement many of us carry from old, unresolved relationships (especially those where we keep asking ourselves "where did I go wrong". This book aims at re-establishing respect and love for yourself and gives you practical ways to think about dating and finding "the one" that are also aimed at accomplishing happiness and honesty with yourself and others (instead of second guessing yourself or pretending to be what you are not). I loved every second of this book and found myself underlining almost every line and saying to myself "yes!" as if it's stuff I intuitively knew but was not able to articulate. Felicia Rose Adler is a sage! The best part is that she has an amazing sense of humor and the book is thoroughly entertaining with little cartoons and funny quips throughout. Get this book -- you will be very glad and will be on the road to accepting yourself and being happy, which is the first step to finding and keeping a healthy relationship. Thanks Felicia! :-)


This book deserves a TEN!

I have read many books (over 15 - from Dating for Dummies to The Rules) on dating; some were poor, some were good, but this little book is the best of the bunch. This is the book I wish my mother had given me when I first started dating. I have read excerpts to my friends and now they all want a copy. Ms. Adler gives some excellent strategies for meeting QUALITY men for those of us who are "dating-challenged" and follows up with excellent strategies for getting that first date and beyond. Moreover, this book isn't just about dating quality men - it is about being a quality woman, it is about being yourself and having fun - it is NOT about finding and trapping a husband - it is about getting out there and letting the right man find you. I found Chapters 21-25 (parts of which one of the reviewers here found objectionable) to be among the best in the whole book - the message here is RESPECT YOURSELF, HOLD YOURSELF IN HIGH ESTEEM - simple, yes? but simple isn't always easy - the visualization exercises are priceless and I consider the message here the most important in the book - in the context of life and in the context of dating - like I said, I wish I had gotten this book when I was a girl - and I am definitely giving it to my nieces. This book is chock full of excellent advice, with clear, well-reasoned explanations backing it up - some of the insights were real eye-openers - I sat there and thought to myself "This is so obvious, why didn't I ever see this?" Even with all this praise, I feel as if I am not doing this book sufficient justice. Bottom line - if you buy this book, you will not be sorry.

~ a_compulsive_reader ~

What an experience.

If you want to laugh, if you want to gain confidence and if you want to have fun, you must read this book. I gained a new self confidence and i had success using the well explained techniques within 5 days of reading the book. I have recommended it to all of my friends and I'm sure you will do the same after you have read it.

By A Customer, Quiz Master

This book rocks!!!! I loved it!!!!

This incredible book taught me the absolute value of loving oneself and realizing our true beauty, just being who we are. This powerful message brought to me with laughter, funny stories and situations (I laughed out loud!) that I could relate to, also brought all the dates I could manage. Not only a plethora of dates but an incredible relationship to boot. I can honestly say that I have never been happier in ALL aspects of my life. Isn't it funny how life's most important messages don't have to be a solemn struggle! Read this book! It may change your life too!

By A Customer, Amazon

The Tao of Dating!!!

Not as pompous as the title would lead you to believe. Master Dating has more than just a sense of humor, it also has honesty. In the hunt for a quality companion, Master Dating supplies you with some good ammunition. It also trains you how to narrow your focus on what you want, with the precision of a laser scope on a rifle! This book really helps you improve your aim at hitting love targets that have always eluded you in the past.

~ Steven Eric Scruggs, Author of DOGGIESTYLE ~

Master Dating : How to Meet & Attract Quality Men!

Felicia Rose Adler gives quality advice on improving your frame of mind. Change you attitude and change your life. The steps she suggest are simple and easy to understand. Simply follow them, and the quality of your life will improve dramatically. While reading this book I began to listen to what I was actually saying to myself about life in general. Whether or not you are looking for a man, this book is a valuable addition to your library.

~ V. Wisdom ~

Reformed emotionally unavailable computer geek!

As a man I never understood how difficult, complicated and frustrating dating was for women too. Felicia explained the whole ordeal in a way that even I understood. Now I see what women have been going through and how hard it is for them to understand what men go through. This book really helped me to see how the gender gap was holding me (and women) back. Since reading it my success in meeting "real" women and getting them to go out with me has greatly increased! I would highly recommend this book to any man who is frustrated with the whole "dating game." I am now in a great relationship with a down to earth woman (she's not from Venus). It a was fun and fast read full of great advice that was easily applicable to my life. Get it just for entertainment value alone.

By A Customer, Amazon

Practical, honest and accessible

I was a bit skeptical about reading a "how to find a date" sort of book, but a friend I really respect suggested I read it - and boy am I glad. The skills I picked up from the book are applicable in many situations - not just dating. I find myself having more confidence in my work and my search for a relationship.

By A Customer, Amazon

Playful, and USEFUL!
You may have heard some of the things in MasterDating before, but the author's style and sharp wit bring an entertaining perspective. The book also poses some interesting rhetorical questions, and challenges us to take responsibility for our own lives. Works for me -- I just married a Quality Man!



I first heard about the book Master Dating on TV and decided to give it a try. I am in my late 30's and although I am out there in the dating world, it just wasn't working for me. The book had some great, helpful, realistic tips, and most refreshingly, it was just the "anti-Rules" tips that I needed. Her style is easy going and flows well - an easy, enjoyable read. Her great sense of humor saw to it that the time flew by. I have been insisting that all of my single friends--male and female--read it. It amazes me how her common sense approach helped me learn so many useful tips that you have never figured out before.

I don't usually write reviews, but I thought it's the least I could do as I will be married in 3 weeks! My fiancÚ read it (at my request) when we first got together and it actually improved our relationship too. So not only did it help me meet Mr. Right but it helped pave the way to the alter. No games needed. I can't wait for the next book.  Married or not you want to hear what Felicia has to say.

Thanks Ms. Adler and Master Dating!!

~ J. Gaine ~

No "hokey" advice between the covers

Ever wanted an older sister or best friend to give you dating advice? Felicia Rose Adler is that "smarter and spunkier" sister or best friend I'd run to first! If I lived in the LA area, I would no doubt have her as my hairdresser just so I can share dating adventures and misadventures with her. Felicia is very funny and very endearing. Buy a book for each of your daughters, nieces and girlfriends. There's nothing in here I wouldn't want my own daughter to read.


Great Read For Guys Too!!!

Not only is this book well written, fun and full of practical and useful advice, it is a must read for guys in the dating trenches. Most of the info is equally applicable to guys, and, when it isn't, it provides great insight into the workings of the female mind in the dating process and how the "other half" thinks. Pick it up. You'll be glad you did!!


This book is amazing!

As a happily single woman in her late 20's, I was skeptical of reading a book about finding men. Frankly, I was worried that it would be like that horrible book, "The Rules". But a very good friend encouraged me to read it, and I loved it! It's like Felicia Rose Adler is writing directly to women like me, the "happily single". The book really gave me insight into how really important it is to be happy with yourself, as well as what men go through in dealing with women. I'm now using Felicia's techniques and advice in meeting all kinds of people, both socially and romantically! Master Dating is a humorous read, and it just might change your life.


TRUE LOVE FOUND! As a man, I hope all women read this book!

I consider myself a quality man. I had been seeking a quality relationship with a quality woman for a long time, but I was beginning to loose hope. I kept encountering women who seemed to be playing games with my head. I got this book in an attempt to better understand women and how they deal with dating. Not only did Master Dating help me in that way, but I also learned invaluable lessons about where I was going wrong. Shortly after completing this book (which was a fun, fast and easy read) I found the relationship and the woman of my dreams. She read the book and loved it also. I can honestly say that Master Dating not only helped me to find, meet and get a date with my true love, but it has also been helpful in navigating the early stages of our relationship. Felicia Rose Adler's analogies are so funny and so dead on, they make her message easy to remember. I also really like the conversational style of this book, most self help books are dry and therefore difficult to digest. This one just flowed easily into my brain. I just want to know, when is the next book coming out? This book works!


Become a Quality Woman

Recently I decided to enter the dating world. Being the supreme nerd that I am, I went out and bought a bunch of books to get me in the mind sight and give me some "tips." This one is by far the best one that I have found so far. This woman is a hairdresser, so of course she knows more about romance than some PhD. She hears about it all the time. Even I discuss my love life with my hairdresser! The whole secret to attracting people, for any kind of relationship is SELF CONFIDENCE. People love to be around people who love themselves! I felt as though this book gave me some great self-confidence. When I was done I thought...I am woman hear me ROAR!!

The best thing about this book, is that it does not promote being something that you are not. The author says many times, to be yourself. If you try to be someone that you are not, then you may be missing out on someone that would love to be with you, not your romantic persona. I think that this is a great message. So many people promote and expect deceitful behavior when dating. I also liked that her philosophy wasn't going out and asking the man out. She discusses the importance in helping make it easier for the man to ask YOU out.

I also felt that Ms. Adler has the best philosophy on rejection. The other books that I have read sort of glossed over this area and made me think....uh....rejection??? She looks at rejection as a gift. Because the number one quality that we all need in a mate is someone who loves us.

All in all...if you are a single woman looking to meet a quality man because you ARE a quality woman, then this book is a must read. I had a very positive feeling when I was done with this book. I thought...maybe dating ISN'T the nightmare I always thought it was...


"wizardsheart" (Michigan) - Amazon

A fascinating book

Wow! What a great book. Never in a million years would I expect to pick up a book like this, let alone read it. I'm sure glad that I did --the wisdom the author shares is pure gold. I have no doubt that Master Dating can help men learn how women think about relationships. Information like this is priceless, any man who reads this book -- and I strongly recommend that all men do -- will greatly improve their love life.


"suburbanassault" (Tempe, AZ) - Summize

Tellin' it like it is--straight out!

This is the first time I've taken the time to review a book (though I count on these reviews a lot when making purchasing decisions here on Amazon). This book, however, made such an impact on me, I had to tell all the other smart single sisters out there about this puppy!

One of the best things I got out of this book is the idea that the quality man of my dreams could be anywhere. The author made it so easy to figure out how to start a conversation in any situation and turn it into a date. ... Does it make any difference where you meet the man of your dreams if you end up living happily ever after? You CAN meet great men anywhere if you know how to do it (and if you read this book, you WILL know how!)

Now then, here is the review I logged on to write . . . FINALLY!!! A book that makes sense, it's so funny, and it teaches you how to find the right guy for YOURSELF--without any tricks, games, rules or changing the way you actually are. I still can't believe how well and how quickly my love life has become the way I always wanted it to be. Maybe even better! I'm making all my bud's (male and female) read it too. Don't worry, it's so funny, you'll fly right through it in one day. The weird thing is that I didn't even have to "try" to implement what I learned, I just sort of changed from the inside out, and suddenly it really did (as the author puts it) "Start raining quality men!" GET THIS BOOK AND MAKE ALL YOUR FRIENDS READ IT! I really think the author will be successful in her hope to not just help people hook up, but to get into healthier, happier relationships that really last.


amazing! witty! and honest!

I have to admit that I was skeptical about taking any advice from an unknown, BUT, Ms. Adler's wit and humor made me take a look at things differently. Finally!!! Someone has expressed a way to be yourself, be honest and get what you want in terms of a friendship and better yet, a relationship.


Absolutely Wonderful!

I bought this book after reading several positive reviews of it, and it turned out to be even better than I expected! The book is very entertaining to read, yet filled with practical advice. Personally I had been suffering from low self-esteem, but I can honestly say that this book provided me with knowledge that made me feel much better about myself. And THAT is an essential part of "MasterDating." I highly recommend it!

~ delightx81 ~ Summize

Gems among the giggles

A witty and insightful look at the dating game. As a "recovering wife" I found it helpful and uplifting. Women re-entering the dating scene after an extended absence will gain hope and confidence from this amusing yet thoughtful work. Thank you, Felicia.


A wonderfully witty book filled with practical tips!

This is a little treasure of a book! It is fun to read, uplifting in it's positive attitude, and filled with great tips on how to talk to anyone anywhere anytime. I use the lessons every day at work too, as networking can be challenging sometimes. How do you start conversations with people you don't know but would like to? Find out by reading Felicia's book! I recommend it to everyone as a way to meet quality people--and keep the relationships growing.


An easy to read book with lots of good advice.

I'm a limo driver and after reading this book I placed it in the back for my clients to read and so far the feedback is just amazing. Several of my clients have since purchased the book and one of them says that she quotes from the book constantly. I highly recommend this book to all women.



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